Terms and Conditions / Booth Requirements

USE OF THE PHOTOBOOTH – The Hirer is to obtain any consent or permissions in the use of the booth at the venue and Fabby Fotos shall not be held liable for refusal or lack of any consent or permission.  After initial setup the photo booth cannot be moved. The Hirer is to ensure the booth shall not be moved from both the location and venue other than by a Fabby Fotos Attendant.

The Hirer is to ensure the booth is used properly and ensure that it will be used safely and without risk to health.

The Hirer must insure that consent/permissions is given from Users if the Hirer wishes to have their images/ videos publicised, Fabby Fotos will act on the Hirer’s instruction whether or not to publicise any images/videos  and will not be held accountable to  any User objects to  this.  Whilst we encourage the fun use of the booth, if   we feel that the booth is not being treated in a respectful manner, we will ask the guest to leave the booth (politely).  We will not accept any abusive or threatening behavior, if this occurs we will stop the use of the   booth and dismantle with no refund.

PAYMENT – we require a deposit of £100 to reserve your date with the balance becoming payable three weeks prior to the start of your event by cleared funds. If the Hirer fails to pay the invoice price by the date due then Fabby Fotos has the right to cancel the booking with no deposit being returned. No refunds are to be given due to fault of the Hirer in operation of or use of the booth, or in lack of obtaining, or in the refusal of the appropriate consents or permissions.

The booth is available for use for the full agreed hire time, additional hours may be purchased on the night for

£100 per hour subject to the booth attendant’s agreement.

CANCELLATION – Upon receipt of written notification of cancellation three weeks prior to hire date Fabby Fotos shall refund any monies paid less the Deposit. No refunds will be available thereafter.

DAMAGE LOSS AND REPAIR – The Hirer shall be responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of or for any damage to  the booth or props in any manner or by  whosoever or by  any cause whatsoever while the booth   is at the Hirer’s venue and will recompense in full in respect of all claims, proceedings, costs, expenses, loss, damage and liabilities incurred by the Fabby Fotos arising directly or indirectly form any such loss, theft, destruction or damage.

LIABILITY – If in the event that the booth cannot be delivered due to mechanical failure or transportation, or the booth malfunctions to a point of being unusable Fabby Fotos will be liable for a refund for part dependent on time of unusable)/full refund of the booking amount only. Fabby Fotos shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement caused by, and may suspend   performance of the same during, factors outside its control including, but not limited to, disorder and natural disasters. Fabby Fotos hold public liability insurance (£5m), copies of our certificate are available on request.

BOOTH REQUIREMENTS – For indoor use only. Area required 3m in depth, 2.5m in width an. We require access to an electrical power socket and an additional table for your guest book.

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A/C- 00159778
Sort Code- 83 23 12

Please inform us when you have transferred any payments and use your name and date of event for reference.